I might be hairy like a bear but even I know that Winter is around the corner. I feel dazed and confused. My expensive Paul Smith velvet cloak covering my chest has not yet felt the tingle of the cold yet mild winter water (chest hair). Looks like the summer surf or as I call it …… summer hibernation is almost over. This bear needs a ride down to the beach!! Jip, bikinis are great, and I do like my ice cream, but I like a good surf more. Lately scouring the outskirts of the west coast looking for anything remotely resembling a bump. Days on end ill wait for some swell to hit the coast, be it an asteroid to hit Robin Island just for something to paddle out for. But the result, like a candle in the wind. A great man once said, “A man with the will to experience the great things in life is the kind of man that usually likes to experience great things in life”. I think I said that…. and I also came up with some great words to….. Like fizzknuckle (Soda can used as a hand weapon) nuff said.
I will encourage all the CTbro’z to take out those Suits we Haven’t worn since Elands and get a paddle on…

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